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The Eastern Cape has traditionally been a popular region for the sport and meat hunter. With over 30 species available to hunt with rifle or camera; and the large reserves - both Private Game Reserves and Parks Boards - make it the most desirable Province.

In addition, it has a mild and pleasant climate: It is free of major tropical diseases such as malaria, bilharzia, and yellow fever. And the professional Hunters, Outfitters, Tour Guides, and taxidermy companies are highly qualified to cater for every need.

The ECGMA (Eastern Cape Game Management Association) is the ethical and professional body that assists in controlling good and clean hunting methods. Its code of ethical conduct outlines a number of relevant clauses, copy of which can be obtained from the internet.

The following is an extract from an Eastern Cape newspaper of a year or two ago, which highlights the adrenalin rush and excitement of a hunt.

As the sun gently rises heralding the dawn of another icy day, men climb into bakkies which rumble off into the misty distance. When the mercury starts climbing into double figures, the hunters reach their destination - a deserted farm house, where they stop for a quick briefing over coffee and sandwiches.

The hunting excursion is near Klipplaat in the Eastern Cape Karoo. The hunt is for three recreational hunters from Serbia. "We heard about Eastern Cape hunting from Safari International Corp, of which we are members and decided to come here," says Serbian Branko Maricevic, who originally lived in Russia.

The two business partners who have joined him are Goran Tankosic and Milovan Jelcic, who did the "hunting on the internet" for a suitable outfitter to organize their hunting expedition. "It is a really beautiful landscape here," says Tankosic as he looks over the Karoo plains, so different from his native Serbia.

Tankosic explains that they hunt not only to shoot animals, but to see the world as well. "It is a form of traveling. I like all types of extreme sport and have been to Jamaica where I fished tuna and now I have come to South Africa to hunt springbok, impala and kudu," he enthuses.

Before long the expedition gets broken into two groups, the "walkers and stalkers" who head for the plains in search of game armed with rifles. The other group has to ensure the game as it is flushed out towards the hunters.

It is an impressive strategy with men carrying walkie-talkies to stay in contact with one another, ensuring that they do not get in the line of fire.

At the end of the day, with several shots having echoed in the distance as we drove around the farm, a cease-fire is declared and trophies are collected.

As the sun sinks, at this very moment, the same ritual is being repeated over the vast distances of the Eastern Cape as the hunting season gets into full swing.

Huting is an anual event in the Eastern Cape region.

The Cape Journal

A Historic Guide on the town and villages as farming and trading communities. Featuring mohair and Angora goats; Present and future developments; Popular hunting farms, and accommodation.

Some of the information on this website was extracted from this informative book. It contains a lot more detail, and can be ordered from the Sid Fourie Museum.

The Cape Journal


hunting in & around jansenville

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