The Village of Waterford

The farm Waterford was owned by two Irish Immigrant brothers, John and Thomas Rafferty, who realized the potential of the erf; which although it was situated on the banks of the Sundays River, had a number of 'fountains' and rarely  suffered from droughts.

The village of Waterford lies on both sides of the Sundays River. When it was proclaimed, 142 erfs (plots) were laid out with numbers 1 to 103 on the north side and from 104 to 133 on the southern side.

Two long streets further divided the town - Mark Street and Piet Fourie Street, whilst other streets were named High Street, John West Street and Thomas Dennis Street.

The activity centred around the church, when on 4 February 1855 the new congregation of Jansenville of which Waterford was part, was established.

During its prosperity as a small village, Waterford was a hive of activity with a school, a church, a mill, a zoo, and a thriving community which was reliant on the surrounding farming populace for its survival. Over the decades, with the advent of the motor car and mechanization; families and their descendants searched for the 'brighter lights' of city life - the village gradually fell by the way.

With its demise went the history of this small community. In 2009, a handful of residents are left, none of whom have lived in the village for longer than 10 years.

Waterford - Buildings that are still in use

It is with regret that the village and its history will shortly pass into obscurity.

Waterford - Buildings slowly going to ruin

The Cape Journal

A Historic Guide on the town and villages as farming and trading communities. Featuring mohair and Angora goats; Present and future developments; Popular hunting farms, and accommodation.

Some of the information on this website was extracted from this informative book. It contains a lot more detail, and can be ordered from the Sid Fourie Museum.

The Cape Journal


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